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Bridge SQ for Business

Bridge SQ is a digital record-keeping system for both businesses and consumers. In fact a single installation can support multiple organisations on the same computer, making Bridge SQ very well suited for those wanting to manage both their business and family finances using the same system.

Our overall vision is that business book-keeping should be as simple as possible, to the extent that values should ideally only be typed be in once (if at all). A modern system should keep the necessary digital records to make tax and business reports immediately available with very high accuracy. By helping you keep track of your finances, we believe that a significant number of benefits become possible:

  1. Reduce book-keeping and accounting costs
  2. Timely understanding of the business financial position
  3. Early detection of bad payers ideally improving debt collection
  4. Accurate financial projection becomes possible
Our mission is to help you realise these benefits and take your business forward with confidence.



  • Customer
  • Supplier
  • Bank Account
  • Credit Card
  • VAT Account
  • Tangible Asset


  • Sales
  • Cost of Sales
  • Expenses
  • Other Income
  • Other Expenses


  • Sales Invoice & Credit
  • Sales Receipt & Refund
  • Purchase Invoice & Credit
  • Purchase Payment & Refund
  • Bank Receipt
  • Bank Payment
  • Bank Transfer
  • VAT Return


  • Profit Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Fixed Assets

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